Kevin Murphy

Kevin.Murphy Velvet Fix Me Up Repair set

$102 $142.85
For hair that’s seen better days, this exclusive KEVIN.MURPHY Velvet Fix Me Up Repair Gift Set deserves permanent residency in your bathroom. This limited edition set from KEVIN.MURPHY includes the REPAIR-ME regime to enlighten really damaged, really sad, really tired (of all the heat) hair. The combo is enriched with powerful antioxidants and proteins to revitalise, soften and hydrate brittle hair. And to top off the routine, why not add the KEVIN.MURPHY YOUNG.AGAIN Dry Conditioner, a weightless mist for dry hair that has the opposite effect of dry shampoo. Hydrate and replenish moisture into your dry strands in between washes.

What’s included in the KEVIN.MURPHY Velvet Fix Me Up Repair Gift Set?

  • 1 x REPAIR-ME.WASH Shampoo 250ml
A restorative, strengthening shampoo for compromised hair

  • 1 x REPAIR-ME.RINSE Conditioner 250ml
A Paraben Free conditioner that nourishes while it restores the hair. Designed as a treatment product rather than a daily product, the hair is left feeling more manageable, hydrated and is beautifully smoothed

A dry oil spray to rehydrate your hair between washes

Who is the KEVIN.MURPHY Velvet Fix Me Up Repair Gift Set for?

This exclusive little gift set from KEVIN.MURPHY is perfect for hair that's undergone regular heat styling, colouring, treatments and the rest. A wonderfully restoring regime topped off with an ultra-hydrating mist to replenish moisture into damaged, dull, very thirsty hair.

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