Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy Maxi.Wash 250ml


A detoxifying shampoo that contains AHAs (fruit acids) that breaks down fatty acids for a clean, clear scalp. The balancing essential oils penetrate the scalp to brighten hair and purify an oily or flaky scalp. It contains anti pollutant ingredients that remove build-up of unwanted products and chemicals. Contains natural antiseptics to detoxify the hair and scalp. Relieves skin conditions and speeds up healing.

How to use:Apply to wet hair and gently massage into hair and scalp (do not scrub), leave for 1 minute then rinse.

Benefits:Sulphate free,Exfoliates with AHAs from papaya, grapefruit and citrus,Paraben free, Removes unwanted product and mineral build-up,Brightens grey, limp or dull hair,Detoxifies sluggish or flaky scalp, Balances sebum production,Prepares hair to absorb nutrients,Pre colour treatment,Soothes irritated scalps,pH 6.0 to 6.6

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