Kevin Murphy

KEVIN.MURPHY Ever Lift 150ml


A volumising mist to add volume and lift to all hair types. Use before blowdrying. 

When you want light, airy volume at the roots of your hair, reach for Kevin.Murphy Ever Life. This styling spray, designed to be used before blowdrying, promises smooth, lush body on all hair types. On top of that, it will extend the life of your style, prevent frizz, and work against humidity. How good? Very good, if you ask us. It’s also cruelty free, and made without parabens. 

Why will I love Kevin.Murphy Ever Lift?

  • Styling spray to add lift to the hair
  • Works against frizz
  • Softens and smooths the hair
  • Protects and conditions
  • Helps your style last
  • Use before blowdrying
  • Made without sulphates, parabens, or animal testing
  • 150ml 

Who is Kevin.Murphy Ever Lift best for?

This product suits all hair types and textures, and is safe to use on coloured hair. If you’re after a blowout with serious lift at the roots, this is for you. 

How should I use Kevin.Murphy Ever Lift?

This product has been designed for use on clean, damp hair prior to blowdrying. Be sure to section your hair out so you get an even application. 

Key ingredients:

  • Heat-activated polymers
  • Arctic root extract, to work against damage
  • Lavender extract, to soothe 

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