Kevin Murphy



A one-way ticket to stronger, thicker strands? Enter:, the KEVIN.MURPHY Volume set carries three hair care must-haves known for their restorative formulas and hydrating finishes.

Say hello to Angel.Wash (250ml), a hydrating shampoo designed to gently cleanse tresses while maximising colour retention and protecting against free radicals (perfect for those with fine, dry or coloured hair). Follow with Angel.Rinse (250ml), a delicate recovery conditioner bursting with antioxidants. It protects hair from external aggressors while nourishing your strands and scalp. Finally, complete hair wash day with the weightless, non-aerosol Anti.Gravity Spray (150ml). This space-age spritz enhances shine, adds texture and reinforces volume, swiftly restoring life and vibrancy to your hair. Cue the slo-mo hair flicks.

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