Extreme Blonde Care Bundle

$140 $150

If you're suffering with dry and brittle hair this bundle is everything you need to reinvigorate your strands! 

Blond Absolu Cicaplasme 

A lavender-coloured fortifying leave-in for lightened or highlighted hair with heat protection to deeply nourish and add extra softness.

Our most complete & intense leave-in for stronger hair
Instant fibre repair; protects damaged areas for less breakage
Seals ends with a lightweight touch
Heat protectant up to 230°C thermo-protection
Creates smoother hair

How to use
On towel dried hair: Take 2 to 4 pumps, depending on the lengths and thickness of the hair. Spread down to tips, then comb to evenly distribute the product. Proceed to blow-dry or air dry.
On dry hair: 
Apply to dry hair after blow-drying or air-drying as a finishing touch to tame frizz and boost shine. Style as desired. 


K18 Molecular Treatment 

This patented bioactive peptide treatment strengthens and improves elasticity while reversing damage from chemical services, thermal styling, and mechanical styling. For all hair types.

Hair like new. This leave-in mask heals and strengthens hair with lightweight moisturizing benefits to detangle and keep hair smooth and soft, without weighing it down. For best results, use every 4-6 consecutive washes following a service.

How to use

  1. Shampoo, do not condition. Towel dry until damp.
  2. Begin with 1 pump of K18 Mask and add more as needed depending on the length, thickness, and condition. Work evenly into hair, one pump at a time, from ends to roots.
  3. Let sit for 4 minutes to activate.
  4. Do NOT rinse out. Style as usual.

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