Evo Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Colour Intensifying Conditioner 30ml

$5 $11.95

A colour enhancing conditioner that nourishes and maintains the life of hair colour, while also providing an instant colour refresh.

Experience the transformative power of our platinum blonde treatment. This innovative formula not only conditions your hair but also neutralizes those unwanted brassy, yellow tones that often plague color-treated blonde and lightened hair. The result? Toned, refreshed, and revived locks with an irresistible shine.


  • Instantly refreshes and tones, effectively extending the life of your color-treated blonde or lightened hair.
  • nourishing treatment goes beyond toning by also softening and conditioning your hair, ensuring it feels luxuriously smooth.
  • By restoring and maintaining the moisture balance of your hair, this treatment minimizes frizz, leaving you with a stunning shine.

Those with dull, dry, lightened, or colour-treated blonde hair

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