Color WOW



Colour Wow's Chris Appleton is known for his celebrity hair-styling prowess (Kim K is one of his clients), and now the brand is bringing you that A-list worthy treatment at home with his 'Wash Day Favourites'. Expect luxurious, expensive-looking locks (minus the hefty price tag!).

Chris Appleton and Colour Wow's Money Masque is designed to treat dry and damaged lengths, and flood them with hydration, making it your one-stop-shop for recreating a salon-worthy treatment from your own bathroom. Supercharged with blue sea kale and Mediterranean sea kelp, this gloss-inducing formula is ideal for all hair types (especially those craving a hefty drink of moisture), leaving your tresses looking and feeling red carpet-ready. Next is the Colour Security Shampoo; a deeply cleansing formula that acts like a breath of fresh air for overworked strands. Perfect for coloured or thinning hair and extensions (it's made without pesky silicones or conditioners that loosen glue), it'll leave your mane feeling gorgeously fresh without any nasty residue.

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